Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Spring training time in the World Schedule can be arguably one of the most boring times in the entire season. There's one small bright spot though, and that is the voting into the Shoeless Joe Hall of Fame. Haven't made up your mind yet on who you think deserves to be in? Allow the SJ Blog to help you out.

Here are those appearing on the ballot for the first-time:

Jim Bailes

Bailes was Mr. Iron Man in his playing days, playing in all 162 games in 6 of his 13 ML seasons. He sported a lifetime .303 BA with over 420 HR, 2 AS appearances, and 3 Silver Slugger awards.

Walt Cox

Another in a long line of 1B/DH types to be eligible. Cox had a .290 lifetime BA with 430 HR, 1 AS appearance, and 1 Silver Slugger award. He does have 2 World Series rings, which always make good bling.

Dale Eaton

Eaton feasted while playing in hitter-friendly Scottsdale and Arizona for most of his playing career. A lifetime .299 BA with over 370 HR, 6 AS appearances, 4 Silver Slugger awards, and 1 MVP award. He also has 2 World Series rings as well. He's more likely to get votes considering his decent defensive play as a catcher, plus the MVP award doesn't hurt as well.

Felix Rocker

Rocker never had the fanfare like some of the other candidates, but his numbers are just as comparable. A lifetime .275 BA with over 405 HR, 3 AS appearances, and 1 Silver Slugger award. He gained a World Series ring in S1.

Robin Stanley

One of the first premier closers that SJ had. He had 40+ saves 3 times in his career, and ended up with 314 total. His career ERA will hurt him, at 3.85. He does have 4 AS appearances, plus a 'Fireman of the Year' award in S1.

Edgard Tarraga

If you had a gun to my head and I had to make one pick, Tarraga would be my choice. A lifetime .272 BA with 488 HR, 4 AS appearances, and 2 Silver Slugger awards. He also won a HR Derby award back in S2, which looks nice on the resume. He's got the stats, but he was always considered a more feared hitter than the other candidates.

Bob Wooten

Wooten sported a lifetime .289 BA, but lacked the power with only 142 career HR. Only one AS appearance and one Silver Slugger award won, both in S1. Wooten had a nice career, but don't expect him to make the cut.

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