Sunday, November 21, 2010


Now that Free Agency has officially started in SJ, we can officially start discussions regarding one of SJ's most productive players in history, Nicholas Lanier. What makes him so good? The blend of power and speed makes him a complete package that you just don't see everyday. He's a rarity that would make any team better.

So, where will Lanier go? Which team will be lucky enough to sign the perennial all-star? Here are three teams that I feel have as good a shot as any.

You have to include the former team, regardless of what you may hear or think. Lanier has been a mainstay in the SW for quite some time, and you can be sure that Arizona won't let him go without a fight. He's the face of the franchise.

It's on record that the three-time champs are in the hunt for Lanier. They've set a ton of salary space so they can take a stab at Lanier. Just picturing Lanier in a lineup that already includes the likes of Milt Kipling and Casey Combs, among others, has Rochester fans salivating.

We all know how Fire Cats owner Tomhighway is, and you can bet he'll be in the sweepstakes. The Pawtucket offense took a major hit last season when they dealt away Pedro Rodriguez to OKC. So putting Lanier in a lineup along with Andruw Merrick and Mike Walsh could be just what the Fire Cats need.

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