Wednesday, August 18, 2010


We were lucky enough to only have two available teams for S9. Here are the owners.


I have been in a good number of worlds with tomhighway (BallPark Franks, Doubleday). He is also a Shoeless Joe veteran, who was in our league back in S4 and S5. He unexpectedly had to leave due to personal reasons. A veteran of 40 completed seasons, tomhighway is widely known as an extremely active trader. He specializes in turning teams around quick. However, he won't need to do that with the Pawtucket team he just inherited. With his experience and the talent that PAW already has, you can be rest assured that the intense PAW/NY rivalry will continue.


I first heard about Scottie14 in Clemens* world, where we both still are. A relatively new owner with 10 completed seasons under his belt, he has maintained a dominant team over in Clemens*, winning the S11 World Series in dominant fashion (and beating yours truly in doing so). Here in Shoeless Joe, he's taking over a rebuild. However, the cupboard is NOT bare, without a doubt. Along with Hideki Shin, he'll have the #3 Draft Pick this coming season. Montgomery is definitely on the right track, and leave it to Scottie14 to direct them.

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