Tuesday, August 17, 2010


There have been a lot of great players to suit up in the Shoeless Joe World, but I don't believe there's any argument over who the best player this world has ever seen. That would be Arizona's Nicholas Lanier. His rare display of blazing speed and raw power makes him an instant MVP threat every season he plays. Arizona would love to see Lanier in an Arizona uniform until the day he retires. However, it may not be their call.


Going into S9, Nicholas Lanier is entering the last year of a 5 yr/47.5M contract, which he signed back in S5. Nobody knows for sure what Lanier's plans are. However, if his agent Scott Boras had his way, Lanier would be going to the highest bidder. Will Arizona let it go that far? Do they have any say at all? What does Lanier want in all this?

S9 is going to be an important year for Nicholas Lanier. With possible Free Agency looming ahead, it'll be interesting to see how Lanier copes with the entire situation. Will he let it affect his play? Will he be motivated to put up even bigger numbers that we've seen already?

We won't know these answers for quite a while. However, this is something to keep in mind as the season progresses. If Lanier does test FA waters, you can be assured that he'll command a max contract. We've seen them before, but in Lanier's case, it'll be well deserved.

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