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So I TC'd all of you this question earlier in the week, and it's a good question to think about. You are starting a team from scratch. Who would be the one player you would choose to lead your team? It could be anybody: currently at the ML level, somebody in the minors.. maybe it's someone from another year. So out of all the answers I received, here are the results.

Santo Rijo, 2B, SAL

"Monster splits tremendous power and can play alot of different defense positions very well. Plus you gotta love the fact that he`s only 23 and injury free he can put up lanier type rbi and hr totals only thing he lacks is great speed." - rebman35

"He's an elite defender at a skill position who can hit for a tremendous amount of power and a high average, and he's only 23." -austinfan1

"I could plug him into CF and not worry about that position for 150 games a year. He can hit for avg and power while playing solid D. While not a base stealer, he won't kill us on the bases. He's young and will be around to lead the team for a long time." -mumcoach

"Young, good hitter." -mgdtiger

Bobby Reese, SP, SJ

"Total Stud." -shobob

"I am a strong believer in solid pitching over solid hitting and the kid is a young stud. Is going to be an ace for several season to come and would be a dominant piece in any rotation." -adreid

Hideki Shin, SP, MNT (AA)

"He is essentially the Stephen Strausburg of Shoeless Joe. Considering the lack of pitching in this world he would, barring injury, be a multiple CY Young winner, and someone you could build a staff around. He would be ready to be in the bigs by age 22, so would give me 10-15 years and the first 6 at low salary, allowing me to add pieces around him." -jshirley

"He is going to be a great pitcher. For most teams. he could probably already be a number one SP. If I were to draft a team or start over, the first position I would try to acquire is three SPs. So Shin would have to be the guy and build around him (even the park too)." -rcktchamp

Jose Fernandez, SP, BOS

"A young Ace who can pitch a lot of innings = 35-40 games where you will be a substantial favorite to win. I would put his 49-17 record the last 2 1/2 years and Bostons 79-38 as supporting data."

"Would want to shore up my pitching and build my defense around my pitching and let my offense work itself out." -tooquick2421

Mark Martin, SS, LV

"I would love a 3B/SS type that has ridiculous speed and power to build around. And Martin is a perfect player!" -tomhighway

"He's only 24, hits for power and has speed. Decent glove, but I'd move him from short to either the OF or 2b." -badooujack


Pete Sizemore (AA) "He's the highest upside SP I can see.", -foolsgold79

Rigo Flores "He is only 22, can play any position on the field except C, will hit for average and power, and has a great batting eye. He is the most complete young player in SJ.", -crcummings

Chan Ho Pong "I decided to select the best, young, "up the middle" that balanced both offense and defense.", -baldary

Hector Rodriguez (in his prime) "He was the a good fielding SS (.973 fielding % at 630 games at the position) and is in the top 5 in HR, runs scores, and RBI's and has a career .311 ave. He has averaged 22 SB per year and is a multiple MVP award winner and holds the SJ consecutive games hit streak.",

Bill Barkley "He has 10 good years left of competing for the triple crown. And he is fast.", -jstnklly

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