Sunday, August 15, 2010


The awards have just been announced for SJ MVP, CY YOUNG, and ROOKIE OF THE YEAR. Let's go over the winners:

Tony Prieto of Las Vegas won the AL MVP, narrowly beating out Salem's Bill Barkley by 2 votes. Prieto is highly regarded as one of Shoeless Joe's top hitters. Nicholas Lanier of Arizona won his 5th MVP award in a landslide victory. Lanier is quickly establishing himself as possibly Shoeless Joe's greatest power hitter.

You don't see relief pitchers win awards often, but Salem's George Garcia was dominating. With an ERA barely over 2 and a 15-2 record, Garcia easily won the AL CY YOUNG award. Philadelphia's Aaron Porter won the NL CY YOUNG award, beating out last season's winner Hick Quinn. Porter was an integral part of Philadelphia's starting rotation this season, a key reason why the Cheese Steaks were as successful as they were.

The SJW Blog predicted Mark Martin would have a great rookie season, and win the ROY award. And that's just what Martin did, in dominating fashion. Martin is one of SJ's most promising players, and his rookie campaign was highlighted by a trip to the All-Star game. Well deserved. How often do you see a Rule 5 draftee win the ROY award? You did this season in the NL, as Billy Fitzgerald from Chicago wins the award. He narrowly defeats Philadelphia's Al Small.

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