Monday, August 23, 2010


The FA period so far here in S9 hasn't been as insane as the trade front, but there still has been some key signings that are noteworthy. Here's the rundown so far:

The Vancouver VooDoo has been one of the busiest teams so far this offseason. They were able to ink CF Jonathan Rivera to a 3yr/36.6M deal. Rivera will add power and defense to that already loaded VooDoo lineup. They were also able to sign P Zachrey Wainhouse to a 2yr/10M deal. Wainhouse has experienced control problems in the past, but he has the skills to be extremely effective out of the bullpen.

The Seattle Fish Mongers have been busy as well. Jumbo Simmons decided to leave Arizona and sign for 5yr/31M. Also joining Seattle is Bailey Howard for 2yr/7.6M and Jon Cooper for 3yr/22.1M. A 73 win club just one season ago, these acquisitions could be enough to close the gap between them and NL North champs Rochester.

Add Trenton as another club who has been very active this offseason. They were able to ink Shane Fleming to a 3yr/17.4M deal. Also joining the Jokers is Bart Dellaero, who signed to a 4yr/22.4M deal. I really like the moves Trenton has made so far. They've improved in almost every area.


signed Jayson Hughes to a 1yr/5.6M deal.

signed Jose Bocachica to a 4yr/24M deal.

signed Julio Tavarez to a 4yr/26.4M deal.

signed Carmine Peters to a 2yr/10M deal.

signed Ken Webster to a 2yr/9.6M deal.

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